Candidate Filings
2024 State General Election

Candidates for offices elected at the November 5, 2024 State General Election
can be found using this candidate finder.

Candidate names are added during the filing period for most federal, state and county offices.
This filing period is Tuesday, May 21 through Tuesday June 4.
The Senate District 45 special election has a filing period ending June 11.

Presidential candidates have a later filing deadline.
In 2024, major parties have until August 26 to submit their candidates.
Non-major party candidates have until August 20 to submit nominating petitions,
which are reviewed by the Secretary of State for sufficiency.

Candidate names are added during or after the filing period for local offices:
Offices in cities and school districts that hold primaries - Tuesday, May 21 through Tuesday, June 4
Other municipal and school district offices - Tuesday, July 30 through Tuesday, August 13

Contact your local clerk for the correct filing period for your municipality or school district.

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